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Corporate events & Trade Shows 

Events by Cosmos will organize corporate events aimed at a variety of business-oriented intents. We offer the best corporate event planning for small and large corporate sizes. If you decide to let us serve you, we will deliver the best and most effective ambiance and support for the presentation of your company or your product. We are very knowledgeable on the location and quality of New York/New Jersey, and Philadelphia venues. Our event consultants can provide several options in order for you to make the most appropriate decision. During the event, we will be responsible for providing audiovisual and technical support, as needed. Additional services provided prior to and after the event also include transportation, advertising the product/company via e-marketing, and providing staff to assist guests and attendees.

In addition to arranging corporate meetings, fund raisers, and training sessions, we also specialize in corporate Christmas and Holiday parties, providing music and entertainment in addition to all other services, such as decorations, catering, and maintenance. Events by Cosmos will assist you in every step of the way. Our event planners will ensure the participants will be entertained and satisfied.